Photography has been a  part of my life for a long time – so is travel.

 Intertwined, I go to interesting places to take pictures or take use photography as an excuse to travel. The two concepts mix as only a brain can manage.

I can’t paint, so photography is self expression for me.    But it affords an excuse to be curious. You will find on the home page “Words and Pictures” that link goes to a page expressing how I feel.

Stop being curios and learning new things, we might as well be dead.  So, photography is a way to grow.

Though raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Portland,,Or. has been home for 30+ years. In Portland my wife, Judy and I raised two wonderful kids and  worked as a research and development electronic engineer, accumulating  three patents along the way.

Soon after retiring my wife and I bought a 37 foot sailboat to travel. We  spent nine to ten months each of those six years we spent on the boat,  sailing  to Mexico from Portland, then on to  Guatemala, Nicaragua, Cost Rica, Panama, Colombia, Cuba, Jamaica, Turks and Caicos, The Bahamas then on up the east coast of the USA.  A wonderful trip.

Since returning to Portland I’ve made Photography a priority – pushing to improve – working to find, a style , explore themes , stories while always improving Lightroom and Photoshop skills. Every once in awhile I get sidetracked on woodworking or some single board computer project and software. But eventually, like any circle arrives back at photography.